What’s in a Name? (Kelliher)

The O’Kelliher Mercantile Company, Kelliher, MN, 1907. by Sue Bruns (from The Depot Express newsletter, Fall 2013) The Kelliher Diamond Jubilee includes just one sentence about the town’s name: “The town was called Kelliher, after Jerry O’Kelliher, because he was considered a ‘big stem’ in those days.” Other sources name A. O. Kelliher (sometimes spelled A. O’Kelliher) a lumber agent, as the namesake of Kelliher, Minnesota, describing him as “the man who platted the town for the Crookston Lumber Company.” Located about 45 miles north of Bemidji and occupying just a little over two square miles with a population of 265 in 2012, the city manages to sustain a variety of businesses and services. Kelliher’s Pre-K—Grade 12 school serves approximately 250 from Kelliher and the […]