On the Street Where You Live – Carson’s Addition (continued)

by Cecelia Wattles McKeig (expanded from The Depot Express newsletter, Fall 2013) Plant of Bemidji Brewing Co. Rapidly Nears Completion. Located on the north shore of Lake Irvine in South Bemidji. Company capitalized at $75,000 and its plant in this city will have a capacity of sixty barrels per day, most modern and best equipped brewing plant in the state. Will employ about a dozen men at first. Trade marks being considered. It is probable that it will be the head of Chief Bemidji. The brewery will be the city’s first manufacturing enterprises. (1/29/1904) The residence of C. H. Fullerton on Irvine Avenue, south of the Great Northern tracks was totally destroyed by fire this afternoon and the two story house of Mrs. H. Halvorson […]

What’s in a Name? (Kelliher)

The O’Kelliher Mercantile Company, Kelliher, MN, 1907. by Sue Bruns (from The Depot Express newsletter, Fall 2013) The Kelliher Diamond Jubilee includes just one sentence about the town’s name: “The town was called Kelliher, after Jerry O’Kelliher, because he was considered a ‘big stem’ in those days.” Other sources name A. O. Kelliher (sometimes spelled A. O’Kelliher) a lumber agent, as the namesake of Kelliher, Minnesota, describing him as “the man who platted the town for the Crookston Lumber Company.” Located about 45 miles north of Bemidji and occupying just a little over two square miles with a population of 265 in 2012, the city manages to sustain a variety of businesses and services. Kelliher’s Pre-K—Grade 12 school serves approximately 250 from Kelliher and the […]

Depot Day & New Blog

The Beltrami County Historical Society’s annual Depot Day was Saturday, making for a perfect time to introduce our new blog and drop a quick note about the event. To reach a broader audience more quickly and efficiently, starting today we will relay information, tell stories, highlight photographs and documents from our collections, and make other BCHS content available through this new blog. Some blog posts will be publicity for events and programs, while others will expand on columns from our newsletter or feature unique perspectives and stories from the BCHS director and other contributors. Expect event updates as necessary and original content every 2+ weeks. We will try our best to link our blog to our other digital platforms, including , , and , as […]