On the Street Where You Live – Carson’s Addition (continued)

by Cecelia Wattles McKeig (expanded from The Depot Express newsletter, Fall 2013)


Plant of Bemidji Brewing Co. Rapidly Nears Completion. Located on the north shore of Lake Irvine in South Bemidji. Company capitalized at $75,000 and its plant in this city will have a capacity of sixty barrels per day, most modern and best equipped brewing plant in the state. Will employ about a dozen men at first. Trade marks being considered. It is probable that it will be the head of Chief Bemidji. The brewery will be the city’s first manufacturing enterprises. (1/29/1904)

The residence of C. H. Fullerton on Irvine Avenue, south of the Great Northern tracks was totally destroyed by fire this afternoon and the two story house of Mrs. H. Halvorson was badly damaged. Other houses also threatened C. Warner, John Patterson and Wm. Ferris. (8/24/1904) Carl Warner, fireman, lived at 229 Miss Ave So.; John Patterson lived at 525 Mississippi avenue: William Ferris, electrician, lived at 235 Mississippi Ave. South. C. H. Fullerton was listed at 515 2nd St. in the 1904 City Directory.

Saloon Men angry because Bemidji Brewery Co. has prepared papers asking that an injunction preventing the Minn. Red lake & Manitoba RR from crossing their property on lower Irvine Ave. be granted them. Local saloon men threaten to not buy their product unless action is dropped. (2/13/1905)

Notices of Condemnation Have Been Sent to Property Owners in Bemidji.

A number of residents of the city living along the line of the new railway south of the Great Northern tracks have received notices from the Minneapolis, Red Lake & Manitoba Railway company, through the company’s attorneys, John Lind and A. Ueland. to the effect that a meeting for the purpose of appointing three suitable and non interested parties to determine the value of the lands affected by the new railway in that locality, will be held at the court house March 3. From the survey line of the railway a strip 28 feet wide on the south side and 40 feet wide on the north side of the track will be taken and the following are affected John Skogsberg, Cora B. Carson. Arthur Brose, I. W. Langaard, John Patterson, the Bemidji Brewing company, Chas Swedback and Erick J. Swedback. After the value of the land has been determined it will be condemned by regular proceedings. (Feb 24, 1905)

The report of J. H. French, Matt Phibbs and O. M. Skinvik, appraisers in the condemnation proceedings instituted by the Minneapolis, Red Lake & Manitoba railway company to secure right of way through certain lots in Swedback’s and Carson’s additions to Bemidji, was filed at the office of Clerk of Court Rhoda this forenoon, and the work of the commissioners is now finished. It now lies with the railway company and the owners of the lots affected by the railway whether or not to accept the report as it stands or appeal the matter to the courts for settlement. Following is a list of the awards made.

Cora B. Carson, for five lots in Carson’s addition, $621.65.
Arthur Brose, two lots and house in Carson’s addition, $707 35.
I. W. Langaard, one lot in Carson’s, addition, $125.
Bemidji Brewing company, property in Carson’s addition and damage to plant, $1200.
Chas. J. Swedback, two lots in S wed back’s addition, $350.

By the changing of the original survey of the railway, the line is made so that it does not
affect a number of property owners whose lots were formerly crossed by the survey, and some of the owners who were notified that their property would be condemned were not awarded any damages by the commissioners.

The awards as made by the home appraisers is considered as fair as could possibly be made under the circumstances, but a number of the property owners feel that the amount to which they are entitled by the report is less than the real value of the lands, as an entire lot is rendered practically useless even though the railway may cross only a small portion of it. It is possible that a number of protests will be filed, and at least one of the owners has declared that he would not accept the amount awarded him. (March 20, 1905)

Depot site chosen and will be located on the shores of Lake Irvine, between America and Irvine Avenue, about 2 blocks south of the Great Northern Depot. Purchase of a 63 ton Dixon locomotive made by the company. (4/23/1905)

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