What’s in a Name? (Funkley)

by Sue Bruns (from The Depot Express newsletter, Fall 2013)

With a population of 5 for the 2010 census, Funkley, Minnesota, is the smallest incorporated city in the state. The village, named for County Attorney Henry Funkley (1867-1951), was incorporated in January of 1904.

In the early 1900’s, the town was buzzing with logging action, its population peaking in 1930 at 60 people.

In 1953, the population had shrunk to 25, but LIFE Magazine featured the small town in an article about the entire village receiving an all-expense paid, 5-day sight-seeing trip to New York City. The trip was paid for by Pacific Mills, a manufacturer of sheets and textiles. The company wanted to acknowledge the little town and their Women’s Missionary Society of the Evangelical Free Church which had been meeting monthly to tear up old bed sheets to make into dressings for the American Cancer Society.

In November of last year, Funkley was featured on WCCO’s Finding Minnesota by Mike Binkley as Minnesota’s smallest town.

In January of this year, Allen James featured Funkley on Newscastic as one of the 10 Minnesota Towns with Really Cool Names.

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